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Savennières Doux

Savennières Doux Clos des Perrières 2010

"On some exceptional vintages, the so-feared botrytised grapes for our dry whites, are left in the vines during the harvest of our Savennières “Sec”. This is how nature offers us, at the end of the harvest, grapes of a rare concentrations paired with the minerality of the Clos des Perrières. One cask has been produced to accompany the wine for a 36-month ageing process in order to reveal the true potential of this wine”


Operations Manager

Savennières Doux 2010

A nice, bright, golden colour. The nose is well highlighted by the candied profile from the botrytis. Hints of pineapples mix with citrus fruits and William pear.

The whole is clear with a dash of volatile acid that gives it energy.

The mouth is smooth and charming with a good handle of the sugars. The beautiful energy of this wine allows you to appreciate its sweetness.

Grape Variety : 100% Chenin Blanc.


Winemaking: Fermentation and ageing of 36 months in a 225-litters barrel.


Viticulture : One single selection on the parcel, harvest is done by hand. The vineyard follows the principles of Integrated Pest Management with no synthetic plant protection products, and no chemical fertilisers.


Analysis : Alc. 13%

Bottled at the property.

Served at a temperature of 8°C, ideally after decanting to enhance the aromatic potential, this wine will pair with:
- Goose or duck foie gras
- Poultry or white meat
- Blue-veined cheese (Roquefort), pear or apple pies.

This wine will easily evolve for decades.

100,00 €

For more information to find or order this wine, gives us a call... +33 (0)2 41 78 31 18.