Rouge Carmen

Rouge Carmen 2016


Like Carmen this wine is frivolous yet determined, light and fruity with a spicy finish with peppery notes.
You can drink it yourself or give it as a present without fear because Rouge Carmen delights and will appeal to connoisseurs, friends and even your mother-in-law...

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Grape: 50% gamay, 25% grolleau, 25% cabernet franc.

Viticulture: The vineyard is IPM, harvesting by hand.

Vinification: Cold maceration followed by natural fermentation. Fermentation from 12 to 30 days depending on the grape variety.

Analysis: Alcohol 12,5%.

Bottled at the property.

Storage: A wine to be fully appreciated in its youth (2012-15).

Serving: Serve at room temperature.

Enjoy it with: hams and salamis, white and red meats.

11,00 €

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